Five Key Kitchen Design Trends To Consider

When it comes to adding some life to your kitchen space, you might consider incorporating any number of trends to make this space just that much more sophisticated and updated. Consulting with Capital Mark Granite and Flooring and Cabinets is a fantastic first step, as this company has the experience needed to ensure that the updates you make are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional. The top five trends in kitchen re-design include: hidden appliances, utilizing Arizona kitchen cabinets to disguise bulkiness; big open spaces to accommodate the whole of your family and friends in one area; more decorative range hoods to add extra pizazz; colorful backsplashes and neutral hues accented with bolder colors.


The key to making these trends work for your space is to consult with the experts at Capital Mark to ensure that the trend of your choice will work in your specific kitchen space. You want your kitchen to be a more functional and effective area of the home, particularly given the high traffic associated with this space. If you go on trend overload, the end result may be that your kitchen looks great, but doesn’t function as effectively as it could.