Kitchen Pantry Offers Optimal Storage Solutions

For a number of years, affordable kitchen cabinets were king when it came to kitchen storage and determining the flow of the other elements of the kitchen. Fast forward to kitchen design in 2013 and what you may find is that while affordable cabinets are still certainly a primary consideration, the reign of the pantry is imminent.

The pantry can hold multiple kitchen-oriented items, which is just part of its appeal. Unlike the smaller cabinet versions, you can stock large, medium and small items in the pantry, without taking up large amounts of space. It is the equivalent of the home linen closet, strategically situated in the kitchen. Some existing kitchen spaces don’t come with a pantry and homeowners are forced to then improvise by turning a nearby closet into a pantry located out of the actual room.

Trends in 2013 pantries are making these spaces more streamlined and modern than ever before. For instance, instead of the traditional wood shelving, homeowners are opting for sleek stainless steel shelving and organizational bins, slid in just under the bottom shelf, to make this a truly all-purpose space. Food up top, dishes towards the middle to bottom and craft or home décor items stored in bins along the bottom of the space. And because, unlike many affordable cabinet designs that tend to run small, pantries have plenty of room to get creative, there are no limits on what you can do with this space.

In fact, professional designers say that if you have a pantry in your kitchen, retain it and don’t discount its usefulness. Even if you don’t store food here, you may find that you appreciate having a closed-door space in which to keep certain household items, say for instance should you decide to use the space to house your seasonal décor. You have an easy-to-access space right in the house to pull things out as needed.

Similar to your affordable kitchen cabinets, however, be sure to take the extra time to properly organize your pantry and clean it out often. Because it is a fairly large space and perhaps due to the spaciousness even between the shelves, it can get cluttered pretty easily, particularly if you are using it for multiple storage purposes. Keep this in mind as you plan out ways to use this space most effectively and efficiently in your kitchen.