Kitchen Renovation Nightmares: How To Stave Them Off

So you decided to undergo kitchen renovations in Gilbert, AZ and are fairly sure of all of your plans. You’ve got everything picked out, in terms of new styles, and have all of the contractors in place to get the job done within the confines of your budget and in a timely fashion. However, what you may not have considered is that there are certain elements to kitchen remodeling that can practically sink the entire project, if you’re not careful to consider them ahead of time. Consider the top three:

Forgoing ventilation around the stove area: This can be a costly mistake that can result in a smelly kitchen each time you cook. Proper ventilation not only gives you better air quality indoors, but also it ensures that your kitchen doesn’t get too hot when you are cooking and that various smells don’t take over in this space. When you are doing kitchen remodeling in Gilbert, AZ, don’t overlook this important aspect. After all, you may find that it causes more than a few problems in your kitchen if it isn’t properly ingratiated in to the space.

Forgetting about key elements, such as the garbage can: Things like the garbage can or the cat litter box may have a place in your old kitchen, but in the zest of kitchen remodeling, they not have a spot in your new space. Make sure to consider this, so you aren’t scrambling at the end of the project to find these important elements a home. After all, you certainly need a trash can in your kitchen and you don’t want to have to find your cat litter a home elsewhere in the house, particularly if all other areas of the home are carpeted.

Overestimating your island: If you overshoot a new kitchen island, the end result can be a tight, tight kitchen space that you barely comfortable washing a dish in, much less planning a multi-course meal. Make sure you go no more than 36 to 120 inches wide with your island to give yourself plenty of prep space. This is even more important if, in the process of your kitchen renovation, you’ve also opted to have a dedicated work space in your kitchen. Then, you really need to focus on making sure that any and all new elements in the kitchen don’t result in overcrowding.


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