White Remains Hot Kitchen Cabinet Hue

As spring moves in, kitchen cabinets trends are remaining unchanged from what they were at the start of the year, which has been white hot design. White has established itself firmly as THE go-to color for cabinets in 2013, no matter how much color the spring season tries to incorporate into the mix. This could be, in part, because the color provides a neutral enough palette to give homeowners a wide array of options in terms of décor. In fact, the pros over at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinets and Flooring have found that homeowners utilizing white for their Arizona kitchen cabinetry are able to change kitchen designs according to season.


Accent colors on the island of the kitchen or along the banquet is popular, as are backsplashes that add an extra shot of life to this space. Placemats, dishes and even furniture has actually become that much more colorful for 2013, since the cabinets are designed to take a design-inspired backseat to the other accents in this space. Work closely with your Arizona kitchen cabinets professionals to come up with a look that works well for your kitchen without compromising function, particularly when it comes to your Phoenix, AZ cabinetry.