Creative Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation Project

There are multiple stressors that come along with doing a kitchen renovation project. From determining how you are going to finance the project to coming up with work-arounds for your routine since the kitchen space is such an integral part of that — renovations can be stressful. If you are going big – say, installing an entirely new set of Gilbert cabinets in this space – or doing something smaller and more streamlined, such as redecorating with appliances, paint colors and other more cosmetic things, you should still consider some creative ideas to ensure that the end result of your kitchen renovation is an improved space in every way.


Mix things up: You don’t have to choose between traditional and contemporary; you can have the best of both worlds. Utilize stainless steel and heavier woods to create a texturized feel in your kitchen space. Kitchen renovations are all about trying new thing and this mix of tradition and contemporary design is a hot new trend for 2013. You can do this through the major elements in your kitchen, doing a stainless steel Gilbert cabinet and a light oak countertop for instance.


Play with lights: During a renovation or remodel, improved lighting is everything. If you don’t have bright lighting in this space, and you use it quite a bit for functional purposes – for instance, if you are a would-be chef – then this might be an improvement that you make upon re-doing your kitchen. Drop lights give localized lighting while under Gilbert kitchen cabinet lighting give some additional light in this traditionally dark space.


Camouflaged cooking: The renovated kitchen in 2013 is all about keeping large and clunky components hidden. Trash cans in under-cabinet spaces, utensils hanging from the ceiling and dishes well organized in spacious Gilbert cabinets; these are all important elements in a newly renovated kitchen as they give your kitchen a clean and streamlined appeal, not present in the traditional kitchen, where everything has always been in plain view.


Be bold with color: This is a continuing trend that you see year after year; you can go white on the walls, white with your new Gilbert kitchen cabinets and neutral in your choice of appliances. But somewhere, incorporate a splash of color – be it through your choice of dishes and accessories. Don’t be afraid to try colors in your flooring, and other large elements, that are outside of your comfort zone.


“by Kandice Linwright” at Google