Tips On Painting Cabinets

When it comes to the re-design of your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, there are any numbers of things that you can do to jazz up the space a bit. From replacing the cabinets completely – which can be a costly endeavor – to simply resurfacing them, your options are plentiful in order to make this space feel renewed. Some people even choose to paint their kitchen cabinets, which is certainly a viable option, particularly if you want to add a shot of color to the space.

However, like anything, this is a process that requires some level of preparation. It is a simple process, but if you don’t have the tools handy to do the job properly, then you may find that the end result for your Gilbert kitchen cabinets is less snazzy than what you might have expected. With this in mind, if you are going to move forward on a project painting your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, consider the following tips:

  • Remove the doors of your cabinets: You might be tempted to try to paint the kitchen cabinets with the doors on, but doing this, you might find that the job gets a bit messier than you anticipate. Take the doors off and the hardware as well, to protect it as you repaint the core cabinet area.
  • Clean your cabinets thoroughly: Sand down those areas of the cabinets that may be more than a little bumpy and smooth out any of the rough areas around the door, inside of the cabinets or along the exterior. The more you can do to make the surface smooth, the better the paint will go on.
  • Put on a primer: Don’t skip this step as this is the best way to assure that the paint will hold once you apply it to your Gilbert kitchen cabinets. Apply an even coat of the primer and be sure to allow it to dry before applying the paint.
  • Apply the actual paint: Use a quality brush to apply the pain and work in thin coats. Don’t glop it on or the paint won’t look at good once it dries. Do at least two coats of paint on your cabinets to ensure that the primer and former color is completely covered. Allow it to dry for at least 12 hours before using your Gilbert kitchen cabinets again and be sure to re-attach doors (which should have been painted separately) and hardware properly.