New Approaches To Gilbert Kitchen Cabinets

It sometimes seems as though trying to keep up with kitchen-related trends is a fruitless effort. After all, trends are constantly changing and once you incorporate one into your current schematic, it’s changed completely to something else. With that in mind, as you are coming up with a design for your Gilbert cabinets, it helps to know what some of the latest ideas are in terms of design, use and maintenance of what is arguably one of the largest elements of your kitchen.


For instance, the depth of the cabinet is changing from what the standard has been in the past. Traditionally, Gilbert cabinets have measured out at about 12 inches deep, leaving a useable interior space of about 11 inches. However, as things continue to become larger – plates, glasses and things that are commonly stored in the cabinets – people find that they require more room. Therefore, many Gilbert cabinets are now measuring up to 16 inches of internal space, in order to accommodate for the new standard size of many common kitchen ideas. Additionally, cabinets that sit above the countertop are now sitting a bit higher, offering more space between the cabinet and the countertop space. This also offers more creativity in terms of storage options.


However, keep in mind as you re-size your kitchen cabinets that you need to keep in mind the size of other elements of the kitchen. For instance, light fixtures may need to be installed differently or you may need to install your backsplash at a different level as well to accommodate for the added space that your cabinets are either adding or taking away. The more you can plan ahead on this kind of thing, the more successful you will be in terms of achieving the proper balance in your home.


Finally, if you are unsure of what the proper depth of your particular Gilbert cabinets should be, it’s always a good idea to consult with the professionals on the matter. Find out what they might suggest for your kitchen and ways in which you can incorporate some of these newer trends without sacrificing your budget to do so. The more you bring in a professional eye, the more likely it is that you will end up with a kitchen that not only functions well, but looks amazing as well. This adds value to your home in myriad ways.