Tips on Maintaining Granite Countertops

One of the things to remember about granite countertops in Gilbert is that you must properly care for them in order to preserve their durability. Granite is affordable and lasts for a number of years, unless you don’t do your part to preserve the stone. There are numerous benefits to choosing granite as a countertop material, not the least of which rests on the fact that this naturally-occurring stone comes in a dizzying array of colors and patterns.


The best way to maintain granite countertops in Gilbert starts with the way in which you clean them. Granite tends to not stain, burn or become easily scratched. However, because of the intricacies of the stone, it can be hard to see when build-up has occurred and this means that food and other impurities can build up over time making it hard to scrub them off when cleaning time comes around. However, it should give some peace of mind to know that you can put some muscle into the cleansing process without worrying about whether or not the material will be scratched or otherwise damaged.


To start, don’t do things directly on the stone. For instance, if you cut meat or vegetables on the countertop, you run the risk of damaging the stone over time. Moreover, don’t allow anything that is acidic or oily to sit on the countertop; otherwise, it may eat away at the stone before you even know what’s happening. Clean up all spills right away to preserve the integrity of the granite. For most spills, you can do some clean up simply by using a damp sponge or cloth and wiping it away; however, there are a number of granite-specific cleansing agents on the market for those times when you simply need a deeper cleaning. This helps your granite to not only hold up to frequent use, but also makes it shine as if you just installed the slab.


Keep in mind that an investment in granite countertops in Gilbert is an investment in your home overall. This is one renovating or remodeling element that adds value to the space both in a monetary sense and in terms of the adding an aid of sophistication to your kitchen overall. Therefore, it pays to take good care of the stone to lessen the wear or tear on the material and help your countertops to last for years to come.


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