Bring Your Gilbert’s Best Cabinets Back to Life

Whether or not you’ve decided to engage in a re-do of your entire kitchen, you may still be interested in bringing it back to life in little ways. Sure, you can create a beautiful floral arrangement and sit it on your counter to add some sunshine to the space. However, if you are looking to do something a bit more in-depth, then you might trying giving your Gilbert’s best cabinets some new life.

Lighten up dark colors: If you’ve got a dark wood on your cabinets or have them painted a dark color, then lighten up your entire kitchen by painting your kitchen cabinets a lighter hue. Colors on trend for 2013 include light aqua blue, white, pale pink or a light yellow. You may find that the room even looks bigger when your cabinets are painted a lighter color.

Wallpaper a section of cabinet space: Wallpaper is fun because it doesn’t have to be permanent, it comes in a range of creative colors and patterns and you can be creative with the way in which you apply it. You can wallpaper the entire cabinet door and inside as well, or just do a segment of the cabinet door so that you have a mix of your chosen wallpaper color or pattern and the wood of your cabinet materials. This is a great way to incorporate a theme into your kitchen using Gilbert’s best cabinets to start.

Paint your cabinet in contrasting colors: For instance, if you want a monochromatic theme in your kitchen, paint your Gilbert’s best cabinets in black and trim with a thick line of white. Or, you can do white with a dark or medium-hued blue for dramatic effect or, if you want something really funky, paint your cabinets a dark mauve and do a trim of zebra print.

The more you infuse your personality in your kitchen decor, the more comfortable you will feel in the space and the more it will feel like “you.” Don’t feel confined by traditional decor ideas; even with something as intimidating as a large set of Gilbert’s best cabinets, you can have some fun and try something new. The best part is that anything you venture to try in terms of the aforementioned ideas are permanent, meaning you can continue to change it up, or if you don’t like something, you can change it up to try something different.