Kitchen Remodeling Trends NOT To Do

It seems like when it comes to kitchen-related trends, there is plenty of information to get you started on ideas for this space. From materials that are super trendy right now to design ideas to add some sparkle to this well-trafficked space, there is no shortage of ideas to make your kitchen look as good as it functions. However, it also helps, when considering trends for best Gilbert cabinets and other elements of the kitchen, to know what you shouldn’t do to try to enhance this space. Often, the end result is one that doesn’t lend any visual appeal to your kitchen.

Hidden appliance space: Appliance “garages” gained quite a bit appeal at the turn of the millennium. This trend was geared towards those people that did not want appliances to sit out on their countertops in a most unsightly way. However, the end result of these contraptions was that they ate up quite a bit of valuable countertop real estate and ended up looking more unsightly than simply sitting the appliance out itself. Moreover, manufacturers started making appliances more aesthetically-pleasing than they were in the past, so homeowners no longer minded having appliances on the counter.

Farm-like sinks: This utilitarian, clunky-looking sink was on trend for some time and was quickly sacrificed for the sleeker and more sophisticated options that have hit the market in recent years. Avoid clunky materials like farm-style sinks, so that you don’t take up unnecessary room in your kitchen, where space it at a premium.

Microwaves on countertops: This has long been where the microwave in a kitchen was housed and it takes up quite a bit of that premium countertop space, underneath your best Gilbert cabinets. Avoid this by having it installed under the cabinet or in the stove area. After all, you need every bit of space that you can get on your counters and you certainly don’t want half of it taken up by the microwave.

Colored appliances: In addition to your best Gilbert cabinets, many people would spruce up the kitchen with colorful appliances. However, stainless steel remains king and to this affect, one of the non-trends in kitchens today is the lack of color in appliances. Go with a neutral tone or a stainless steel option to accentuate the other design elements in this space. This is a matter, however, of personal decorative preference.