Small Gilbert Kitchen Solutions from Capital Mark

Small Gilbert kitchen got you down? Don’t worry about it, because at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, there is no kitchen too big or too small. No matter what the size of the kitchen, it remains the heart of the house – where not only the kids tend to congregate, but the animals, the husbands and wives, the neighbors, and anyone else you might have over. It’s the mecca for everything, and even a small Gilbert kitchen can be transformed into something functional and even roomy. Let the professionals at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet in Gilbert, AZ show you how.

Take Your Time

There is no rush to remodeling your Gilbert kitchen. In fact, one of the best things that you can do in determining the right style and layout for you is to take your time. Take a look around you during dinner time, or perhaps during that morning rush out the door. Notice how you and your family use the given space. By understanding how you and your family utilize this space, you’ll be able to better understand what type of layout you’ll need to optimize the small kitchen.


Take Notice

As you take time to observe the family dynamic within the kitchen, notice the focal points of the room. Every kitchen has those focal points which balance and call attention the space. In a Gilbert kitchen, that could be something as simple as a window, a lighting fixture, a neat little corner for homework or the island in the middle. In smaller Gilbert kitchens, that one focal point might be the entire kitchen, depending on the size. If this is true for your Gilbert kitchen, use either a neutral palette or one clean color throughout your smaller kitchen to create the illusion of size by keeping the eye moving. Talk to the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet to give you some insight into this specific tip.


Cabinetry and Shelving

Sometimes in a smaller Gilbert kitchen, creating the illusion of more space is the secret to your success. Floating or open shelving can be used as cabinets. These types of storage strategies are usually free of hardware and heavy structure, providing for a clean and comfortable feel – completely non-obtrusive and exactly what your small Gilbert kitchen might need.


If shelving as cabinetry is not your thing, consider kitchen cabinets in a neutral hue that flows throughout the entire space – the cabinetry, hardware, appliances, even flooring and/or floor coverings. Keep the cabinets simple, preferably free of hardware. Consider the Modern themed cabinets with little to no detail.


If you have a small Gilbert kitchen, don’t hesitate to stop by our Val Vista and Ray kitchen showroom to talk to one of our kitchen experts.