Top Kitchen Cabinet Styles Here in Gilbert, AZ

There are a multitude of kitchen styles to choose from. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on the best style for your Gilbert, AZ kitchen. From the trending styles to those that are timeless, selecting kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to match a specific theme can be daunting, which is exactly why you need the best, most skilled craftsmen on your team. At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we not only have the best, most skilled craftsmen here to help you choose a theme, we have the largest local variety of kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ.


Farmhouse Kitchens in Gilbert

The Farmhouse kitchen them is very popular here in Gilbert, AZ. I think it’s because it connects us to our roots, the reasons we moved to Gilbert, the reasons our families stay in Gilbert for generations. Farmhouse kitchens offer great functionality and comfort. Farmhouse kitchens usually include open kitchen cabinets, wall-mounted shelves and utensils that are easy to locate and grab. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ are often without doors to create that look of open shelving. If that’s not your style, but you still want that Farmhouse theme, consider adding glass to the cabinet doors.


Rustic Kitchens in Gilbert

Another popular theme in Gilbert, especially as we move closer to Queen Creek, is the Rustic kitchen style. This style is a bit darker and distressed, but still offers the comfort of a Gilbert home. Rustic kitchens incorporate many aspects of distressed wood, especially in the cabinetry. A Rustic themed kitchen in Gilbert, AZ can never have too much wood, from beautifully crafted wooden cabinets to wood seating, wood beams on the ceiling, wood flooring and even wood countertops. A Rustic themed kitchen does not have to be dark, if that’s something that worries you with this style. In fact, kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ that will fit perfectly in this type of kitchen can be light, even white, and inviting.


Modern Kitchens in Gilbert

While this is not the most popular kitchen style here in Gilbert, Arizona, it is still a style that is carried at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet. The Modern theme includes flat-panel cabinet door styles, or slab-door styles, that are essentially the signature element of a Modern kitchen theme. If you’re on the hunt for Modern kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, Arizona, you’ll hear terms like frameless, Euro frameless, overlay, full overlay, and many more toss around. In a Modern kitchen style, this basically means that the door overlays the cabinet box to create a sleeker, flush appearance.


Traditional Kitchens in Gilbert

I will admit that the Traditional kitchen style is one of my favorites, and is quite a popular theme here in Gilbert, Arizona. The Traditional kitchen style is saturated in architectural details that, for a skilled craftsmen like those at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, are exciting and fun to create. A Traditional kitchen style has all the details that any craftsmen would be proud of, from custom arches, moldings, beam ceilings, framed and raised-panel cabinets, furniture-style cabinets and custom, unique islands.  It’s easy to understand why this style is one of my favorites, simply because it offers so many unique, creative architectural aspects to every single element of the design, especially the cabinetry.



While there are many, many more kitchen styles to choose from, and we have them all, I think we illustrated some of the more popular ones here in Arizona. To see for yourself which style will work best for you, come down to our Gilbert cabinet showroom on Val Vista and Ray!


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