Use Mirrors For Kitchen Backsplash

So you’ve decided to add some extra pizzazz to your kitchen space and you’ve decided that a backsplash is the way in which you plan to do it. A colorful and funky backsplash can add life to the dead zones of your kitchen, in the areas between your Gilbert’s best cabinets and your matching countertops or towards the back of the kitchen, by the stove, where there typically isn’t much in the way of decor. If you’ve decided to use mirrors for your kitchen backsplash, then there are also a few additional things you may want to keep in mind to ensure that the look you achieve is the one that you desire.

Many people opt for a traditional mirror backsplash along the back wall of the kitchen. A standard mirror type is applied along the countertop, under the Gilbert’s best cabinets and covering electrical outlets for a look that is consistent and cohesive. To funk it up a bit, you can take the traditional mirror type used for your backsplash and create an antique look by having a special treatment applied to the mirrored pieces. With a more worn-looking finish, it creates a more aged look to the kitchen space overall, which is quite trendy for 2013.

For uber sophistication and a complement to stylish and sleek kitchen decor, including Gilbert’s best cabinets in stainless steel or black, you might try subway tile for your backsplash. You can opt for monochromatic black and white or mirror tiles, which create a more textured look to the space. The best part is that you can place the mirrored tile all the way to the ceiling, making the kitchen space look just that much bigger.

If a splash of color to bring your Gilbert’s best cabinets to life is what you are in search of, then chances are you want mosaic tiles for your backsplash. Coming in any array of colors and styles, these tiles pieces are often broken to create a more creative look to the backsplash, using many different colors to complete one design. It is important to do your research well in advance, so that you are clear about the type of mirrored tile that you desire. Once you choose a backsplash to tie the design of your kitchen together, you may be pleasantly surprised by how better the space looks overall and how much more of a funky and creative vibe you have in what is often a dull and lifeless room of the home.