Why are Granite Countertops So Popular?

Granite countertops are all the rage here in Gilbert, Arizona. In fact, they have been and continue to be the most popular countertop choice in all the U.S. As a cabinet and countertop craftsman and owner of Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, it’s interesting to watch these cabinet and countertop styles come and go. Why is one more popular than another during a certain time frame? Well, let’s find out!

 granite countertops gilbert, az

The History of Granite

From a historical standpoint, granite is relatively new. I mean, back in the late 1980’s you could get it in two colors – that was it. I remember thinking that this countertop style was not quite ready for the big market. It was not resilient, and not attractive.


And here we are, a few decades later, and granite countertops in Gilbert, Arizona are the hottest item for kitchens.


Granite is found all over the world, and is fairly inexpensive to quarry in specific locations like India and Brazil. Many issues related to quarry and errors in the granite have been rectified over the years. Today, granite for countertops can be separated before shipment, nearly eliminating the possibility for breakage and accidents in transport.


Over the years, cutting granite countertops has become quite modern. Many years ago, granite was transported as these giant slabs, and then cut when it reached the designer or warehouse. Today, granite countertops are cut and designed before shipment, which saves on many aspects of installment, costs, and much more.


Granite countertops have not just become so popular in Gilbert, Arizona due to quarry and shipment upgrades, but the reliability of the product has improved long with it. Granite has unrivaled durability. It is heat resistant, scratchproof, and will not blister like cheaper countertop materials. The granite countertops of today are sealed with a protectant that makes it the most durable and reliable countertop choice on the market today.


Granite countertops have also grown in color varieties, thanks to improvements in quarry and cutting over the years. It is said that no two granite slabs are identical, and I tend to believe that theory.


The one aspect of granite countertops in Gilbert, Arizona that cannot be overlooked is it’s variety, which cannot be fully appreciated without visiting a granite countertop showroom. Put your hands on the product and see for yourself which colors and patterns will suit your Gilbert kitchen the best. Come down to our showroom on Val Vista and Ray!