5 Lighting Solutions for a Beautiful Gilbert Kitchen

Updating your Gilbert kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, In fact, you can make small adjustments here and there to spruce up your Gilbert kitchen without breaking the bank – it’s all about getting that perfect piece and installing it in the perfect place. The professionals at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet can assist you in making these small design changes affordably. Check out our expert tips below!


1. Blend Lighting Types – Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet experts love blending different lighting types within the kitchen. Consider combining decorative and accent lighting with different styles but maintain a consistent theme throughout the Gilbert kitchen.


2. Task Lighting – Task lighting are those lights that are placed in the perfect areas of your Gilbert kitchen to enhance your work areas. So, for example, you’d probably want some task lighting above the sink, the oven, and any other areas of the kitchen where you prepare food.


3. Lighting Locations – Underneath overhead cabinets and over islands as well as in pantries and even inside of the cabinets are great locations for additional lighting.


4. Ambient Lighting – Ambient lighting is that mood-setting lighting. It’s the lighting that literally sets the scene for your kitchen, and sets the mood for the evening.


5. Improve Kitchen Flow – The perfect lighting can illuminate the flow from the open Gilbert kitchen to the dining room and/or living room. Using ambient lighting, you can literally tell guests what you’d like them to do, where you’d like them to sit by simple lighting techniques and placement.


Adding the right type of lighting, in the right setting, in the right locations, can literally take a boring Gilbert kitchen and transform it affordably! Stop by our Gilbert kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray to speak to a professional on the subject of affordably updating your Gilbert kitchen.