Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Doing Gilbert Kitchen Renovations

Many professional contractors notice that when people are working on their Gilbert kitchen renovations, they tend to make some pretty common mistakes. Below are the top mistakes made when Gilbert kitchen renovations projects are underway. Learn what to look for and avoid these errors before you even begin.


Mistake 1: Hiring Contractors without Credentials 

This is a huge error made by homeowners when looking for Gilbert kitchen renovations professionals. Homeowners frequently look for contractors who offer the best deal, especially if they have never personally done Gilbert kitchen renovations before. Frequently, a homeowner will opt for a discount contractor without doing any research on their work before-hand — and they quickly discover the ‘professional’ is anything but! A contractor with no credentials, references, or verifiable experience will likely produce low quality work that will end up costing you big before it’s all over. Check into references and look the business name up online for a good idea of what you will be getting for your money. Also, never use unlicensed contractors — contractors without licensing also likely don’t have insurance that will cover any damages they cause.


Mistake 2: Circumventing City Code During Gilbert Kitchen Renovations 

This depends greatly on the size and extent of your Gilbert kitchen renovations, but in some circumstances, a permit may actually be needed. If you start working on Gilbert kitchen renovations without a permit and one is required, a city worker may end up shutting you down &/or fining you. Even some Gilbert kitchen renovations must abide by certain city codes, health requirements, safety procedures, electrical codes, and more. If you don’t abide by these codes in your Gilbert kitchen renovations, it could increase your cost and the time it takes to finish the project.


Mistake 3: Using Incorrect Materials

Homeowners commonly order money savings materials to recoup some of the costs of a Gilbert kitchen renovations budget, but this could easily backfire quickly. If you order the wrong kind of materials or the incorrect amount to save money, you will almost always end up losing money and time — especially if you are unable to return or exchange the supplies.


Mistake 4: Bad Planning

Errors like neglecting to hiring an electrician to wire lighting and taking the wrong measurements may seem small but can majorly hold up the project. Make sure you have all of your measurements in order (and properly taken), all speciality technicians have been hired, and plans have been made ahead of time.