Keeping Your Gilbert Kitchen Looking Like New

Cleaning your kitchen is not usually something we talk about at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet. I mean, the methods you use to clean your kitchen are yours, when you have time and energy to do them, right? With that said, in order to create lasting effects of a brand, new Gilbert kitchen, new flooring or kitchen cabinets, there are some aspects to a clean kitchen that should be known. A clean kitchen is also one that will last, and ultimately save you money on kitchen design or remodel in the future.


The Cabinet Wipe Down

If you want your Gilbert kitchen renovation to look sparkling and new for years to come, it’s going to take some elbow grease. The experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet suggest wiping down your cabinets and knobs once every three days to remove and prevent any build up that can easily happen in the kitchen.


Keeping them clean and consistently wiped down will also help to protect them from absorbing moisture and steam, which can quickly and easily lead to another kitchen remodel or cabinet refinishing.


We also suggest avoiding any hard chemical cleaners on your cabinets, as these can not only strip the paint, they can damage your cabinets. It’s better to use more elbow grease and fewer chemicals to ensure that your new Gilbert kitchen cabinets will last the test of time. Most cabinets can be better cleaned with dish soap and water.


Don’t forget about the interior of the cabinets!


The Countertop Wipe Down

To keep your countertops looking shiny and new, it’s important to keep them clean. The first tip our expert countertop craftsmen suggest is to be diligent about wiping up spills of any kind. From water to wine, spills that sit on granite countertops for too long can stain. Use a wet sponge to wipe it up.


Capital Mark granite countertop installers have already sealed your countertops, but it is important to reseal that granite every two years or so. Talk to Capital Mark countertop experts about how often to seal, and scheduling an appointment to seal.


If you cut or slice citrus foods on granite, wipe that down immediately. It’s much better to use a cutting board. Acidic foods can wear through the countertop sealant.


Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove any wine, marker or ink stains from your Gilbert granite countertops.


Keeping your Gilbert kitchen clean is the secret to making it last, looking like new for years to come. For kitchen cleaning tips, stop by our kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray!