Study Shows that Gilbert Kitchen Remodel Projects Have Increased

The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence, or RICKI, has recently released a study they conducted that shows that 38% of homeowners are currently doing some kind of home repair. This trend across the United States is obvious when you consider the amount of Gilbert Kitchen Remodel construction projects that local contractors have noted.

 Gilbert Kitchen Renovations

More About the Study and Gilbert Kitchen Remodel Increases 

The RICKI study reveals a major uptake in Gilbert Kitchen Remodel projects and similar construction throughout the country. This study shows that two out of every five homeowners have had something done repair or construction wise in the past six months. The information shows a 9 percent point jump since the three months studied prior in Gilbert Kitchen Remodel jobs and other like projects in all parts of the United States. Their study of consumer trends, including those similar to Gilbert Kitchen Remodel projects, looked at 1,005 homeowners across the country.


The RICKI study discovered that there is a lot more construction, like Gilbert Kitchen Remodel activity, on private homes. A significant portion of this activity was kitchen remodeling. RICKI found that these projects are actually at pre-recession, 2006, levels. Of the people surveyed that were planning to renovate within the next year, they indicated no real preference of product or brand names. Only a very small percentage of the people asked actually had a product brand name in mind already. What the study did reveal is that people do plan on using new technologies in their kitchen they didn’t have before. 44% of American homeowners plan on changing an electronic device in their kitchen.


What the News Means

The fact that more Gilbert Kitchen Remodel plans are being made as well as kitchen remodels in all areas of the country is somewhat surprising news for everyone. This is another good signal that the majority of homeowners believe that now is a really good time to invest into their homes. More homeowners are feeling that it’s better to upgrade and improve upon their current home than move. What these people are taking advantage of is the fact that almost every kitchen renovation will pay off in the value of the home as soon as they do decide to sell.