Thinking About a Full Kitchen Remodel?

A full kitchen remodel is a big undertaking, and a little scary at times, but with the right team and the right attitude, you can turn any Gilbert kitchen into your dream kitchen. The experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet here in Gilbert are the local experts at taking your kitchen from drab to amazing in a matter of day. With our One Day Countertop Program, and our lightening speed cabinet installations, don’t stress about your Gilbert kitchen remodel – enjoy it!


Small Kitchen Makeovers

When many families decided to downsize just a few years ago, the kitchen was still a top priority an settling on a small kitchen was just not an option. Well, with the downsized house came a downsized kitchen, and now as the economy is beginning to get back on track, many Gilbert home owners are looking to renovate that small kitchen to add functionality and style.


Removing walls can make a HUGE difference in a Gilbert kitchen renovation, and the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet can make that happen, unless, of course, it’s a load-bearing wall. However, removing the wall between two spaces is usually a top priority on that kitchen renovation list. For small kitchens, if this can be done it will greatly impact the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen.


Affordable Kitchen Makeovers

From affordable backsplashes to new cabinet refinishing, a Gilbert kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be expensive to be amazing. Little tweaks here and there can really give your old kitchen a look of brand new! Add some window treatments, new paint, and an overlay for your countertops and your new Gilbert kitchen renovation will be a complete success.


Going Big with Gilbert Kitchen Renovations

If you have the budget, and the motivation, Capital Mark can go big with your kitchen renovations. From knocking out walls to stripping flooring and ceilings and countertops and cabinets, we can take it all out and put it all back in a thousand times better.


Whatever you’re looking for in a Gilbert kitchen renovation or smaller scale upgrade, the professionals at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet can help you out. Stop by our kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray to see our portfolio in person!