Types of Cabinets – Cabinetry 101

Looking to spice things up in your Gilbert kitchen? Maybe some new cabinets, granite countertops or flooring? Or perhaps you’re looking to go big with a completely Gilbert kitchen remodel. Whatever you’re looking to do, Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet can handle it for you. In fact, with our wide variety of Gilbert cabinets, we can provide just about any type of cabinet to match any Gilbert kitchen.


Slab Cabinets

Cabinets come in all types, from a smooth finish to something a bit more artsy. If you’re into the clean lines, than a slab cabinet is what you need. With a flat, clean door and essentially looks like a slab of wood, these doors are modern and spot-on.


Raised Panel Cabinets

One of the more common types of Gilbert cabinets, raised panel cabinets are made by joining pieces of solid stock lumber, strong and sturdy, with adhesive. These cabinets are generally thicker than slab cabinets, and add some elegance to your Gilbert kitchen.


Recessed Panel Cabinets

The exact opposite of raised panel cabinets, recessed panel cabinets are flat panels affixed inside a frame, resulting in the appearance of a picture-frame-type look. These cabinets work wonderfully in country or traditional Gilbert kitchens.


Curved Panel Cabinets

Seen quite often in older and more traditional Gilbert kitchens, the top portion of this cabinet’s panel curves upward to create a gentle arch.


Cathedral Panel Cabinets

Much like the curved panel cabinet, the top of the cabinet’s panel is incorporated with a cathedral-type arch that is raised or recessed, depending on the style you choose.


Beadboard Panel Cabinets

This is one of my more favorite cabinets simply because of it’s unique structure. The panel is recessed, routed with beaded details to create a plan or board style that works wonderfully with a country style Gilbert kitchen.


Routed Cabinets

Often found in apartments, routed cabinets are engineered wood material, most often MDF, shaped to take on the appearance of raised or recessed panel cabinets. They are painted or covered in laminate, are more affordable then any others mentioned here, and can create the elusion of style and sophistication without breaking the bank.


At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we have every single style and color cabinet that you could possibly need for your Gilbert kitchen. The best part, we’re locally owned and operated, and located right here on Val Vista and Ray! Stop by our Gilbert kitchen showroom today to see what we have to offer.