Latest Kitchen Design Trends in Gilbert, Arizona

For those about to take on a Gilbert kitchen remodel project, checking out the latest kitchen design trends is important. Knowing the latest trends will help you update your kitchen with the most modern, appealing and even eco-friendly kitchen upgrades available.


The Current Trends

Nowadays when most people redo their kitchens they are looking to improve the convenience of their kitchens along with the appearance. Modern kitchens are designed for functionality and convenience whether there are multiple people cooking at once or just one person. Socializing and entertaining in the kitchen has become a popular trend throughout the U.S. and the latest Gilbert kitchen remodel plans are more open and better suited for multi-person gatherings.

gilbert kitchen remodel

For color selection, white and off-white colors and natural wood stains are the popular trend for Gilbert kitchen remodel projects. The trend for countertops is neutral colors and grays which allow the countertop to blend into the background and decorations to pop out in the Gilbert kitchen remodel design.


White paint for cabinetry has increased in popularity over the past few years and is recommended for a Gilbert kitchen remodel. White cabinetry can be combined with white or lightly shaded marble countertops and a neutral finish for the flooring. Open floor plans are popular at the moment, as open plans increase the space in the kitchen and allow for more socializing.


There is an increased trend in sustainable kitchen remodeling materials for a Gilbert kitchen remodel such as wood lookalike tiles made from ceramic and other faux materials that are more environmental friendly but still look amazing. Budget friendly redesigns are another trend right now due to the economy, and longevity is important when purchasing upgrades for Gilbert kitchen remodel projects. Money should be wisely spent on quality additions so that maintenance costs for the Gilbert kitchen remodel will be minimal.


If there is one thing that you splurge on for a Gilbert kitchen remodel, it is cabinetry. Improved cabinetry is well worth the cost because of the immediate improvement in appearance as well as the longer length of time that it can last for. Mid to high range cabinetry for your Gilbert kitchen remodel may last 20 years or longer, and the longevity is well worth the extra dollars.