Popular Kitchen Remodel Trends in Gilbert, AZ

Kitchen updates can greatly improve the value of a home, and a Gilbert kitchen remodel with the most modern trends can greatly improve the resale value of a home. The latest trends for a Gilbert kitchen remodel include cost saving and affordable additions that improve a kitchen’s design and look, retro appliances, space saving additions, modern stove hoods, and many other trends that vary based on the region of the country.


The best approach for a Gilbert kitchen remodel depends on the intention for the remodel. For a Gilbert kitchen remodel that improves a home’s resale value, money saving additions and neutral colors would be the best theme. For those seeking to stay in their homes for a while, a larger budget can be set aside for a Gilbert kitchen remodel, and more risks can be taken with the paint color and other additions.


Many Gilbert kitchen remodel jobs update older countertops with more modern granite countertops, or change the cabinetry from the glossy oak finishes that were popular in the 90s to something more modern. Even a small Gilbert kitchen remodel job that involves only changing the cabinetry and paint can make a world of difference.


Simpler and more compact styles are the trend for Gilbert kitchen remodel jobs. There are also new gadgets that are showing up in modern kitchens, such as coffee centers that are built into the wall to save counter space. Modern stove hoods are also quite different from their older blocky steel counterparts, and use new materials like glass as well as a variety of appealing shapes and designs. Modern cabinetry comes in many variations with some having no hardware and using sliding doors, and others having semi-transparent glass.


Retro designs are a common appliance style trend for a Gilbert kitchen remodel. Retro appliances incorporate vivid colors such as red, orange, yellow and blue. The stainless steel trend is starting to fade, although many major appliance brands can still be purchased in stainless steel. Appliances are also often found behind wood panels in modern designed kitchens rather than being in the open. Espresso machines are commonly found in modern kitchens and also come in retro designs. Appliances should fit into the color scheme of the Gilbert kitchen remodel and match the paint/décor.