5 Colorful Kitchen Design Trends in Gilbert, Arizona

Kitchen design trends are always changing to incorporate new technology and design concepts, and the latest color trends center around making the kitchen a warm and inviting gathering place for the family. These are 5 of the most recent kitchen design trends involving the use of color in the kitchen:

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1.)   Color schemes that create an energetic feeling are the current trend for a Gilbert kitchen remodel. Bold colors are used to create this feeling in a Gilbert kitchen by contrasting the basic color of appliances with more vibrant colors. The wall spaces of a kitchen are typically smaller than other rooms, so bolder colors can be used without being too overwhelming. If there are larger walls in the kitchen, other color schemes can be considered.


2.)   Warm colors are often found in modern kitchens and are still a popular choice. Shades of yellow, orange and red are popular because they are inviting and neutral and they are known to stimulate appetite. Yellow in particular is popular for its high energy and ability to make a kitchen feel like home. Yellow can be mixed with white and other warm colors to create a mood lifting feeling for a Gilbert kitchen.


3.)   Bold red can be used in a Gilbert kitchen as a way to draw attention to specific areas. Red seating and barstools can be a great compliment to dark hardwood floors or dark cabinetry. Red appliances can also be used as a contrast to darker color schemes. Bolder shades of red for appliances and furniture are normally used when the wall paint is neutral so that it is not overwhelming.


4.)   Green colors can be used for wall paint and to create a feeling of calmness and serenity in a Gilbert kitchen. Green can be used in combination with natural wood in a Gilbert kitchen to create an organic and natural feel to a kitchen. Incorporating green plants into a Gilbert kitchen design can also accomplish the same effect.


5.)   There is a current trend to avoid clichés in kitchen color schemes. Color schemes that are used in commercial buildings are often overused and should be avoided in in a Gilbert kitchen. More home owners are taking risks with their Gilbert kitchen remodels and trying out lesser used color schemes and even implementing color schemes from other countries.

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