A Kitchen Designed For Family (and Thanksgiving)

With your Gilbert, Arizona kitchen being one of the busiest places in your home, and definitely busy on Thanksgiving, it needs to be fully equipped with everything that a family needs. Your Gilbert cabinets and the rest of your kitchen need to be both functional and designed to be appealing if you have a family. Functional kitchens do not need to sacrifice anything on beauty and can feature modern designs combined with utility.


The modern trend is to combine the dining room with the family room, and if your kitchen has enough space adding a seating area with an island can accomplish this perfectly. A kitchen island will also give you more valuable prep space that will come in handy during a large family get together or during Thanksgiving. With children in a house, having a kitchen island also offers a place where they can sit and eat while getting homework doing in the mornings or afternoon.


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Your Gilbert cabinets should have adequate space for appliance and cooking utensil storage. If you find that you are lacking space you might look at upgrading your Gilbert cabinets. Your Gilbert cabinets will need to be durable if you have a family since your kitchen will be regularly used. You might choose lacquer Gilbert cabinets as the lacquer finish is more damage resilient and lacquer Gilbert cabinets can be more affordable than some hard wood variations. Upgrading your Gilbert cabinets is a worthwhile investment that can last for many years and will improve the resale value of your home.


A well-designed kitchen can be activity based, meaning that each part of the kitchen is organized into different kitchen activity areas such as an eating area, food prep area, food storage area, and cleaning area. Organization is key for an activity based family kitchen, and your Gilbert cabinets should have organizers and enough capability to store all the items that you need and be able to find everything quickly.


For family kitchens that will bake regularly or on Thanksgiving, a separate area of your Gilbert cabinets can be dedicated to storing the most commonly used utensils and ingredients used in baking. Modern kitchens are all about being with friends and family, and when you design your kitchen and pick your Gilbert cabinets, think about how they can best help you with raising your family while also making your kitchen look great.


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