Designing a Safe Gilbert Kitchen

With your Gilbert kitchen being one of the more dangerous areas of your household, safety is a primary concern in its design. Accidents happen in the kitchen and bathroom more often than any other rooms in the home. When designing your Gilbert kitchen be sure to make your kitchen as safe as possible, especially if you have children.

Slips and falls are common in the kitchen, and you can install non-slip flooring for your Gilbert kitchen, which can be particularly important the safety of young children. If you already have hardwood floors and tile, they can be very slippery depending on the material used. The slipperiness can be reduced if you cover most of the floor with a rug with a rubber backing.

You will want to have both a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket available in your Gilbert kitchen. A fire blanket can be used to smother only small hot oil fires that are just starting, and a fire extinguisher can be used for other fires.  The fire extinguisher should be rated to extinguish oil fires and other fires. And of course a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide monitor should be installed in your Gilbert kitchen and every other area of your home.

Proper lighting can be a major factor in improving the safety of your Gilbert kitchen, and it can prevent many accidents that occur during food preparation. Be sure that your Gilbert kitchen has sufficient lighting in all of its areas and work surfaces. Sufficient lighting should illuminate all areas of your Gilbert kitchen without any shadows or glare.

Keep your water heater’s maximum temperature down to a non-scalding level, especially if you have children. This is important for your Gilbert kitchen and all areas of your home, as your children might turn the hot water on by accident when in the bathroom. It will save you money as well, as extremely hot water is not necessary for cleaning purposes.

Make your appliances and utensils conveniently located so that you will not have to go out of their way to access them. Accidents can happen when you need to extend your reach or go out of your way to access a commonly used item. Be sure that your family members and children are fully aware of the dangers present in your home and kitchen as well.