Finding More Storage Space in the Kitchen

When working in your Gilbert kitchen you might find that you need more storage space more often than you would like. Thankfully there are some easy ways to update your kitchen to have more storage space. Here are some of the fastest ways to create more space in your Gilbert kitchen:


  1. Use hooks and wall racks to mount your cookware and kitchen accessories. These can take up quite a bit of space in your cabinets, but by hanging them you will free that space up.
  2. Store appliances and other kitchen accessories that you don’t ever use. This way if you ever need them you can pull them out again, but they won’t be taking up precious space.
  3. Use a kitchen cart. A kitchen cart can be stored in another part of your house and adds more prep room and storage space to your Gilbert kitchen, as many carts come with storage areas.
  4. Get rid of clutter. Kitchens are notorious for piling up accessories, food, and items that you don’t need to have on display. If you have clutter you should store any of your Gilbert kitchen items that aren’t a part of your design and recycle or give away items you don’t want.
  5. Use storage space you already have. Many times your Gilbert kitchen has areas that have been overlooked for their storage potential. It might be a less accessible higher up cabinet that you need a stool to access, or a corner cabinet.
  6. Reorganize your cabinets. You will be surprised as to how much space that you have in your cabinets already if they are reorganized to use the most storage space possible. You can use cabinet baskets and shelving to add more storage potential to your cabinets and use their full storage potential.
  7. Mount your microwave. Your Gilbert kitchen might have a space underneath an upper cabinet where a microwave can be mounted. If you can mount your microwave, do it, as it will free up a lot of storage space and when done properly it can be a great addition to your Gilbert kitchen design.


There are even more ways to add more storage space to your Gilbert kitchen such as using knife racks, smaller accessories and gadgets, and more. Implementing just a few of these methods can end up adding a lot of space to your Gilbert kitchen.