Gilbert Kitchen Trend – Sophisticated Neutral Colors

If you are redecorating your Gilbert, AZ kitchen, you can make a few simple changes to improve your kitchen dramatically, such as changing the cabinet colors. Painting your Gilbert kitchen cabinets with a neutral color can breathe new life into an outdated design. Neutral colors are not as limiting or boring as you might think, and offer many different shades to accommodate unique designs.


A recent kitchen trend is to create a more formal and elegant look, which neutral colors help to accomplish. They can be used in contrast to other elements with bolder colors such as the wall paint, appliances, and fixtures. Neutral colors for your Gilbert kitchen cabinets and other parts of your kitchen can work quite well in many designs, and can improve a home’s resale value.


Shades of white or antique white are commonly selected colors for Gilbert kitchen cabinets and can fit into many different kitchen designs. White works well with dark or light hardwood flooring and it offers a more elegant look for your Gilbert kitchen cabinets. White cabinets can match many different types of countertops and add brightness and serene aura to a kitchen. A lacquer finish on the cabinets can make them look even more elegant, and using high quality hardware on the cabinets can also add to their appeal.


Other neutral colors that work well for Gilbert kitchen cabinets include greys such as charcoal grey, dark grey, and light grey. Dark greys for Gilbert kitchen cabinets can fit into kitchens with lightly shaded countertops or light wall paint, and offer a darker contrast to lighter elements. Lighter greys for Gilbert kitchen cabinets can also be matched with lighter or darker wall paint and offer a softer look.


Although neutral colors are a common preference for Gilbert kitchen cabinets for homeowners looking to make their kitchens appealing to future potential buyers, they are often used for homeowners who aren’t going anywhere for a while. Using a more conservative neutral color scheme Gilbert kitchen cabinets are a safe choice, and they can be altered to fit almost any color scheme for a modern kitchen that is intended both for long term living and to maintain or increase the home’s resale value.

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