Today’s Hottest Kitchen Trends

If you are shopping for new appliances for your Gilbert kitchen it pays to keep up with the most recent appliance trends to help your kitchen design stay modern. Here are the most popular recent trends for kitchen appliances:


  1. Integrated refrigerators – Integrated refrigerators are a must have for Gilbert kitchen remodeling projects that have the budget. Integrated refrigerators are designed to blend into the cabinetry or walls of a kitchen. They can save a large amount of space and add a modern and unique touch to any kitchen.

  2. Hidden appliances – Appliances are often hidden in a modern Gilbert kitchen design as another way to save space. Appliances can be hidden behind installable sliding doors, cabinets, and cabinet shelves. Hidden appliances are typically found in Gilbert kitchen designs that combine the kitchen with the family room to maintain a sense of connectedness between the two rooms.

  3. Retro appliances – Retro refrigerators, coffee and espresso machines, toasters, and other appliances are a recent design trend and a great idea for your Gilbert kitchen. Most appliance brands have released retro appliance models to appeal to this new design trend, and retro appliances can be a great fit for your Gilbert kitchen depending on its design.

  4. Beverage centers – A beverage center can be used to cool all types of beverages including soda, juice, wine, and others. They can be built into your Gilbert kitchen and designed to blend into the background colors or cabinets.

  5. Small appliances – For small kitchens that can’t hide their appliances, smaller appliances are becoming a common trend. Small appliances are appearing in modern Gilbert kitchen designs as they take up less space and let other elements in a kitchen design stand out more. Small coffee and espresso machines, small toasters, and small blenders can be incorporated into a Gilbert kitchen design to create more space but maintain the kitchen’s functionality.

Regardless of the trends, the appliances that you decide to use for your Gilbert kitchen should depend on the overall design and theme that your current kitchen has. Always pick appliances that compliment and match your kitchen’s colors and design, and ask a designer for guidance whenever you’re not sure if an appliance will work for your kitchen.