Designing the Past into your Gilbert Kitchen (retro kitchen designs)

Retro and vintage kitchen designs are becoming more popular with Victorian designs and other retro designs being a common theme for Gilbert kitchen design projects. You can design every part of your kitchen with retro styling including the design for your Gilbert granite countertops, appliances, flooring, and other elements.

If you have an older home you might have hardwood underneath your linoleum or tile flooring, as your home’s original hardwood might have been covered. Your kitchen’s original wood flooring can be the perfect floor for a retro kitchen, and you can hire a carpenter to get it up to par. You can even leave the original pockmarks in the wood to give it some character.

Gilbert granite countertops are a great choice for a retro kitchen because of their high quality and ability to match many designs. Gilbert granite countertops can fit perfectly into a retro design. To make your Gilbert granite countertops match, you only need to pick a color and pattern that fits the rest of your retro kitchen. You can design the other aspects of your retro kitchen first, and then pick the perfect color and pattern for your Gilbert granite countertops the compliments everything else.

When you decide on a color and pattern for your Gilbert granite countertops, think about what will match what you currently have in your retro kitchen, and also what would still match other designs if you change your kitchen up to a modern design. Your Gilbert granite countertops won’t be able to be easily switched out so you can probably get away with a neutral color and a repeating pattern for your Gilbert granite countertops in your retro kitchen. With the wide variety of patterns available for Gilbert granite countertops you are sure to find one that matches your design.

You can find vintage hardware online or at antique sales for use in your retro kitchen. Antique kitchen furniture is a great addition to a retro kitchen and can also be found at local antique sales. Instead of using more modern built in shelving you should try to find some great antique storage pieces for your retro kitchen, and restore them if needed. There are also modern appliances available in many retro designs. When picking your retro appliances and furniture, make sure they match your Gilbert granite countertops, flooring and wall color.