DIY Ideas for Leftover Tile – Don’t Throw it Away!

Most flooring or tile projects will result in left over tile, as there’s no way to know exactly how much tile you’ll need. You don’t need to throw away the extra tile, as there’s a lot you can do with it. Uses for leftover tile include: art pieces that can be hung on a wall, coasters, flower pots, crafts, and other creative uses. If you happen to have granite leftover tile you can even think about using it for new Gilbert granite countertops for your Gilbert, Arizona kitchen.

For art pieces, most leftover tiles can be used to create mosaics. This would normally involve breaking up the tile into pieces, painting each piece and creating mosaic art. Parents can do this but it is also a fun project for children to work on. Leftover tiles can also be donated to an art class for use in their own art ideas. Coasters can be created from the leftover tiles by cutting them and then sanding down any sharp or rough edges.

For Gilbert granite countertops, leftover granite tiles can be a low cost way to create a new countertop, but you’ll definitely need some home construction experience. Working on Gilbert granite countertops won’t be as easy as working with ceramic, as granite is much harder, but it can be done. With the right planning you will put your leftover granite tile to good use by improving your kitchen with new Gilbert granite countertops.

You’ll need to rent or buy a tile cutting saw and make sure that you have enough tiles to create full Gilbert granite countertops. You probably already had a tile cutting saw if you used the granite tiles for another project in your home, so it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. You’ll also need a plywood base for your Gilbert granite countertops. With a tile backer and a few other materials you can start on your project to create new Gilbert granite countertops.

Using your leftover tile for new Gilbert granite countertops will cost much less than full granite slabs, and there are tons of other uses for other types of leftover tile. Instead of throwing it away use it to create a great new wall decoration or craft, or add value to your home with new Gilbert granite countertops if you have granite tile.