How Do They Fabricate Granite for Countertops?

Adding granite countertops to your Gilbert, Arizona kitchen can quickly improve its appeal and beauty, as locally sourced Gilbert granite countertops are a quite impressive and beautiful addition to most kitchens. Adding new Gilbert granite countertops is a common trend for kitchen redesigns. Granite is one of the hardest substances used to create countertops, and adding Gilbert granite countertops to your home will be sure to improve its value. Granite almost universally desired as a kitchen countertop material for its longevity, resilience to damage, and visual appeal.


Where Granite Comes From

Gilbert granite countertops start off in granite mines that can be found in many parts of the world, with many here in the United States. Due to the high hardness of granite, it was not used in construction until recently when tools were developed to cut the extremely hard rock. Granite is extracted from rock quarries with diamond saws and then diamond wire saws or modern water jet saws cut larger pieces into granite slabs. A slab of granite is about 28 to 35 square feet and is shaped in a rectangular form to make it easy to cut it into Gilbert granite countertops.


Granite Polishing and Customizing

After the slab has been cut it is then polished with a rotating polisher to reduce the roughness of the stone. A polisher can create a number of different finishes for Gilbert granite countertops depending on what the customer desires. Finally the edge profiles Gilbert granite countertops are created with a router, and complex edge profiles can take several weeks to create. Some granite countertop companies fabricate their granite using machines, and skilled craftsman can fabricate their countertops by hand.


Granite is an excellent material for kitchen countertops. It is much harder than most other countertop materials, so it doesn’t dent or scratch very easily at all. You can drop your kitchen utensils or a knife onto the countertop and it won’t leave a mark. Gilbert granite countertops can be custom made or they can be purchased pre-made to fit a standard sink size, and pre-made Gilbert granite countertops are generally more affordable. Your local kitchen designer can tell you whether or not you can use pre-made granite countertops and which type would work best for your Arizona kitchen.