How to Decide on a Granite Countertop Pattern for your Gilbert Home

If you are thinking about using granite for your kitchen’s countertops you’re making a good choice, as granite is one of the most durable, appealing, and popular choices for countertops. Gilbert granite countertops are resistant to scratching, as granite is one of the hardest natural rocks, and offers a durability and quality that very few other countertop materials can match. When shopping around for your next set of Gilbert granite countertops for your Gilbert, Arizona home, you’ll have a lot to consider including the cost and the pattern and color that will fit best into your kitchen’s design.


There are many different colors and patterns you can select for your Gilbert granite countertops and choosing a particular color can be one of the hardest parts. You’ll first have to figure out whether you want to go with light or dark granite, and deciding on this will help you narrow down your choices of Gilbert granite countertops.  If your kitchen already has a number of dark accessories, cabinets and walls you might consider going with a lighter color for your Gilbert granite countertops to offer some contrast. Likewise if your kitchen is already full of lightly shaded features you can consider going with either a dark or lightly shaded pattern, as both styles can work. Neutral Gilbert granite countertops are a common choice because they can fit into many different designs.


When it comes to the pattern for your Gilbert granite countertops there are two basic types – repeating patterns and non-repeating patterns. Non-repeating Gilbert granite countertops show more movement, while repeating patterns have the same basic pattern throughout the whole surface. Your choice of pattern should be based on your flooring and other patterns in your kitchen. If your floor already has a pattern with a lot of movement or one that draws attention, you might want to go with a more balanced repeating pattern for your countertop that draws less attention. If you want your Gilbert granite countertops to be more of a focal point you can pick a non-repeating pattern, especially if your other kitchen elements don’t stand out.


Installing Gilbert granite countertops is a great investment  in your home that will improve your kitchen’s use and visual appeal while you are living there and its value if you decide to sell it. The important thing to keep in mind is that your Gilbert granite countertops will be one of the more permanent features of your kitchen. So, pick a pattern and color that you feel will have the most flexibility in the future when you decide to change up your kitchen again