The 5 Most Common Flooring Install Mistakes

When you are shopping for new flooring for your Gilbert, Arizona home it is an exciting time, but you can easily make a bad decision on flooring that you might later regret. Knowing these five common flooring install mistakes can help you avoid making a bad choice when picking out your Gilbert flooring.

Mistake One – Being impulsive

Before deciding on the type and style of Gilbert flooring that you want, you should spend plenty of time getting second, third and fourth opinions on what will work best for your home. Going out one day and picking out your Gilbert flooring on a whim isn’t the best approach.

Mistake Two – Going with the trends

Trendy flooring might look cool but you have to consider that a trendy floor design might not be in style 5 years later. If you plan on staying in your home for a while you can consider picking trendy Gilbert flooring, otherwise it’s best to be more conservative in your choice of Gilbert flooring.

Mistake Three – Not considering floor traffic

Lightly colored carpets or other light shades of Gilbert flooring can get dirty quickly in high traffic areas, although there are ways to prevent this. Darker shades can conceal wear and tear in high traffic areas and might be a better choice.

Mistake Four – Doing it yourself when you shouldn’t

Flooring is definitely not an easy do it yourself job, although plenty of people try installing new Gilbert flooring on their own. A bad flooring job is hard to fix and if you leave it looking bad it will devalue your home. If you aren’t familiar with flooring construction it is almost always best to hire a professional installer so that the job is done right the first time.

Mistake Five – Mismatching flooring in adjacent rooms

You can pick the perfect Gilbert flooring for your kitchen or living room, but if it doesn’t coordinate with adjacent rooms on the floor it can make your overall floor design look bad. Try to make all of your floors coordinate if you have the budget, otherwise pick the right Gilbert flooring that will match any adjacent rooms.