The 5 Most Common Granite Countertop Install Mistakes

For your next Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project you might decide to install granite countertops. If it is your first time managing a Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project you will want to avoid some common mistakes when picking your granite countertops.


Mistake One – Picking the wrong color

You should be sure to pick a color that fits the rest of your Gilbert kitchen remodeling elements. If you decide on a color that isn’t complimentary to the rest of your kitchen you’ll be stuck with it after it is installed. Granite countertops are costly to replace so you want to get the color and texture right on the first Gilbert kitchen-remodeling attempt.


Mistake Two – Not taking the advice of professionals

When you aren’t sure about the color and texture that will work best for your Gilbert kitchen remodeling project, you should seek the advice of a professional interior designer. A professional designer will be able to tell you what will work best for your kitchen’s setup. While working with a designer you can have your own input while getting ideas from a professional on your Gilbert kitchen remodeling design.


Mistake Three – Picking the wrong edge profile

A commonly overlooked aspect of picking granite countertops is picking an edge profile that will fit well in your kitchen. An edge profile that doesn’t mesh can mess up an otherwise good Gilbert kitchen remodeling design. Pick an edge profile that stays with the theme of your Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project and view plenty of samples to get an idea on how the profile will look.


Mistake Four – Expecting a perfect job

Granite countertops will have seams in spite of the best efforts of a professional installer, so you shouldn’t expect your countertops to be seamless. Your granite fabricator should be able to reduce the number and visibility of seams, but don’t be surprised if there are a few seams.


Mistake Five – Inaccurate measuring

When measuring your countertops for your Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project make sure that you are as precise as possible. If you aren’t good at measuring them yourself it is best to have your granite fabricator come out and measure them.