Choosing the Right Countertops – 3 Tips from Local Experts

Choosing the Right Countertops – 3 Tips from Local Experts

With so many different varieties available it is hard to make a final decision for new countertops in your kitchen, but there are a few things to consider when deciding on the style, color, and material that will look best in your Gilbert kitchen.


Tip 1 – Consider granite countertops

Granite is one of the most durable and high quality materials that you can choose for your Gilbert kitchen. Gilbert granite countertops simply last longer and come in a wide range of colors that can be perfect matched to your kitchen’s design. Gilbert granite countertops are treated with a sealer that usually lasts about 10 years that protects it, and Gilbert granite countertops will improve the value of your kitchen substantially.


Tip 2 – Don’t’ overlook the edge profile

The edge profile of your countertops can really stand out in your kitchen and make it look unique. Most countertops have a square, flat profile, but Gilbert granite countertops and other countertops can be designed with a more interesting custom edge profile. There are a variety of custom edge profiles available for Gilbert granite countertops that can be selected to match a modern kitchen design. More elaborate edge profiles for Gilbert granite countertops will end up costing more money, but the extra cost can be well worth it for the visual appeal.


Tip 3 – Pick the right color and texture and material

You should consider your kitchen’s whole design when picking new countertops. The color, texture, material and thickness of your countertop should complement your flooring, cabinets, and other kitchen furniture. Less durable materials are not a good idea for homes with children, but might work well in other homes. And your countertop’s color and texture should not overwhelm the other elements of your kitchen, but fit more naturally into its design. For instance, lightly colored Gilbert granite countertops can fit will in a kitchen with lightly shaded flooring and create a more rustic feel, but may not be a good choice for dark flooring.


If you have the budget, be sure to consider Gilbert granite countertops for your kitchen. Properly sealed Gilbert granite countertops can last for many years. With the wide number of customizations available for Gilbert granite countertops you can pick a style that will match your kitchen’s design and greatly add to its appeal.