Concrete Countertops – Are They For You?

Concrete countertops offer some unique benefits that have drawn the attention of homeowners lately — particularly their versatility and ability to be completely customized. Gilbert granite countertops are still a popular choice but don’t offer as much of a customization potential as concrete. For a homeowner who wants a completely personalized countertop that still has some of the same durability features as granite, concrete may be a good choice, but here are some more details on the differences between the two.


gilbert granite countertops


Concrete can be customized more dramatically than Gilbert granite countertops

Concrete is versatile; it can be customized to fit into almost any modern kitchen design. Although granite has a large number of colors available, it cannot match the almost endless number of color and texture combinations that can be synthetically created with concrete. But concrete being manmade can be a downside of the material for some. Many homeowners and potential home buyers love the idea of having natural stone countertops, and using concrete takes that appeal away from a kitchen.


Concrete is very durable like Gilbert granite countertops. It can resist heat damage and scratches but it must be sealed just like Gilbert granite countertops as well as waxed. The wax needs to also be replaced every few months, so there are some extra maintenance steps that Gilbert granite countertops don’t have. Concrete is just as durable as Gilbert granite countertops and can be expected to last for 10 years or more as long as it is properly maintained.


Don’t let price be the main factor when deciding

Concrete countertops are usually just as expensive as Gilbert granite countertops, so don’t let price be a major consideration if you are deciding between the two. In most cases concrete will be slightly less expensive than Gilbert granite countertops, but the more customization that you require for your concrete countertops, the more expensive it will be.


If you love the look of natural stone in your kitchen and you don’t mind the fact that you won’t be able to completely customize your counter, you would probably be happy with Gilbert granite countertops. But if you need to get an exact color or an exact texture to match the rest of your kitchen’s design, you might be happier with concrete.


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