Making Room for Family in the Kitchen

Making Room for Family in the Kitchen

A modern Gilbert kitchen is open and has plenty of room for family and cooking. If you find that your Gilbert kitchen is cramped, there are a few things you can do to make more space for your family and open it up.

Consider adding an island to your Gilbert kitchen

Many floor plans combine the kitchen with the dining area to have a multi-functional space that can be used at all times. If you don’t have a combined kitchen/dining room, you can add a kitchen island to your Gilbert kitchen if you have the space. A kitchen island can serve as a dining area and also provide you with extra storage to free up the space in your counters. Your family can sit and eat while desserts or other entrees are being prepared, and although it takes up space it has many functional uses for a family oriented Gilbert kitchen.

Keep your Gilbert kitchen organized

Proper organization can keep your Gilbert kitchen clutter free and give the space your family needs to work and function in your kitchen. Be sure to have a good organization plan for your kitchen where pots, pans, accessories and appliances can be stored when they are not in use. This will keep your Gilbert kitchen countertops free of clutter and let your family access whatever they need quickly. You can hang pots and pans in your Gilbert kitchen to free up cabinet or countertop space, so be sure to make use of your wall space.

Keep food height accessible

If you have young children make sure that they do not try to get on top of counters to access food. One way to do this is by storing snacks and drinks in the lower cabinets. You can also move your microwave to a lower cabinet if your children often use it. Keeping your food and microwave accessible will reduce the chance that your children injure themselves when trying to reach higher cabinets. Of course you should be sure to teach them to ask for help when they need anything in your kitchen, but keeping their food easily accessible is a good idea as well.