Gilbert Kitchen Colors Trends for 2014

Gilbert Kitchen Colors Trends for 2014

Bold colors are one of the most recently Gilbert kitchen color trends for 2014, and if you are looking at remodeling your Gilbert kitchen you should definitely consider some of the top color trends that can make your kitchen look great. With the kitchen being the central gathering place of the family in a modern home, the design and colors of the kitchen should create a positive high energy atmosphere.


Bold colors are commonly used in a Gilbert kitchen design

Bold colors are a common trend in modern kitchens, and clay, yellow and gold tones are common color option. Fire engine red and orange are other bold colors that you might using consider for your Gilbert kitchen’s wall paint. With the appliances usually being neutral in color, bold wall paint can make a major difference and create a nice contrast.


Think about more subtle colors

More subtle colors are also a popular choice, as bolder shades may not fit many Gilbert kitchen designs and color schemes. Lighter shades of yellow, orange, red or cool colors can be used for wall paint. Warm but subtle colors with lighter shades like yellow and red are still popular choices because they are known to stimulate appetite. In modern kitchens these colors are used in innovative ways in combination with appliance and décor layouts.


Neutral colors should be used where appropriate in your Gilbert kitchen

Creating a nice Gilbert kitchen color scheme is all about balance and contrast, and neutral colors should be used where they can fit in your kitchen. You might consider getting brown, grey, and black appliances, tables, furniture and other Gilbert kitchen items to contrast your wall paint, plates, and appliances that have bold non-neutral shades.


Natural colors are also popular in a modern kitchen

Colors that are found in nature such as subdued shades of green and brown are popular choices for a Gilbert kitchen color scheme, and there are several natural color schemes ideas that might be considered in your kitchen. You can talk to an interior decorator who might be able to advise you on the best choice of colors for your particular kitchen.