High Tech Kitchens – 2014 Trend Alert

High Tech Kitchens – 2014 Trend Alert

If you are considering renovating your Gilbert kitchen for 2014, you will definitely want to check out the latest high tech kitchen trends and pick the ones that will fit your unique kitchen the best. The latest high tech kitchen design trends are designed to improve your Gilbert kitchen as much as possible in its functionality while keeping it stylish and convenient for you.


Built-in appliances are a 2014 Gilbert kitchen trend

A modern Gilbert kitchen is roomy and has plenty of storage while hiding many common appliances that used to be displayed on countertops. Countertops are generally clear and roomy, and simple overall designs are the predominant style for 2014. You can consider adding storage units for your appliances that are built into your Gilbert kitchen such as built-in coffee machines or even built in refrigerators that can match your kitchen design, if you have the budget.


High tech appliances are a good choice for a 2014 Gilbert kitchen

If your appliances are outdated there’s no better time to update them than 2014, with some great new features being added to modern Gilbert kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is still a good design choice for kitchen appliances. Newer appliances have the ability to be mounted in your kitchen wherever you prefer so that you can maintain the overall style trend of “hidden appliances” in your kitchen. Many new appliances have modern features such as touch control panels, and other technology that you might see on your smart phone or tablet is making its way to your kitchen.


More high tech kitchen trends for 2014

A modern Gilbert kitchen serves as a gathering place for your friends and family, and there’s no better way to add to a social atmosphere than with music and entertainment. A modern Gilbert kitchen will often have a TV in visible proximity or a sound system that can be controlled by an iPad. You can install an iPad into your kitchen wall for a really high tech look or you can purchase a stand for it so that you can take it elsewhere as needed, and it can serve many different uses for you.