Open Shelving, Big Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2014

Open Shelving, Big Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2014

The trends for your Gilbert kitchen are always changing, and in particular large Gilbert kitchen cabinets are an increasingly popular trend for 2014 that you might consider for your next remodel. Large open cabinets or glass front cabinets are popular choices for cabinets in your Gilbert kitchen, and they expose the contents of the cabinets but also allow for a wide range of different design themes.


Consider your cabinet contents

If you decide to purchase open Gilbert kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of things to consider. First, you will want to be sure that your cabinet contents match the overall look and theme of your kitchen. The look and size of your dishes will be able to be seen by your guests, and you will want to showcase stylish plates that match your kitchen’s design. Your can also add accessories like olive oil glasses, salt and pepper shakes, jars filled with fruit and nuts, and other types of items.


Think about the style of your kitchen

If you are installing brand new open Gilbert kitchen cabinets, you need to also consider the overall style of your kitchen. The type of cabinet material, the shape of the doors and hardware, color, and other features of the cabinets should fit as perfectly as possible in your overall kitchen design. You can also come up with a brand new design based on the style of cabinets that you decide to install in your Gilbert kitchen, if you have the budget. It also helps to pick Gilbert kitchen cabinets that are more neutral in some cases, so that you can switch up your overall kitchen design later on.


Talk to a designer about how you should arrange your dishes and accessories

You should definitely talk to a Gilbert kitchen designer about how you should arrange your accessories in your kitchen if you decide to install open shelving and cabinets. The arrangement and choice of dishes and accessories will make a huge impact in your kitchen and are a great opportunity to show off some of your best china and create a unique look and theme in your Gilbert kitchen.