Repairing Heat-Damaged Countertops

Repairing Heat-Damaged Countertops

You may have damaged your Gilbert kitchen countertops by placing a hot pan on them by accident. If you have damaged your laminate or other Gilbert kitchen countertops you can usually repair them with a few steps, and the ability to repair them will depend on a lot of factors including the type of material used for the countertop and its finish.


How to repair laminate Gilbert kitchen countertops

Laminate countertops are a relatively inexpensive material, and as a result they can easily burn when a hot place is placed on them. To repair laminate Gilbert kitchen countertops use a paste of baking soda or other laminate countertop cleaner. Deeper burns in laminate countertops usually need to be replaced, and it may be less expensive to resurface the countertops instead of replacing them.


Repairing tile kitchen countertops

Tile Gilbert kitchen countertops are usually very resistant to heat damage, but in some cases very hot pans might cause damage to tile countertops. If one of your tiles gets burned and cannot be cleaned, you can replace the individual tile. Tile repair has multiple steps but it basically involves chiseling the tile and replacing it with adhesive and grout.


How to repair heat damaged wood kitchen countertops

Wood countertops come in many varieties, and repairing them depends on the type of wood and the finish that was used on it. Repairing wood kitchen countertops involves sanding the wood down and using a protective solution, and finally replacing the finish on the wood. Deeper wood countertop burns will require more sanding and a wood filler.


Repairing stone countertops

Stone Gilbert kitchen countertops are very resistant to heat, but if something is hot enough to damage them there is not much you can do outside of a few basic cleaning steps to try to remove the burn marks. Stone Gilbert kitchen countertops may also crack when exposed to very hot temperatures. If the stone is burned somehow you will want to hire a professional to repair them who has experience in repairing stone Gilbert kitchen countertops.

Talk to your local Gilbert hardware store for more specific information on how you might repair your particular type of countertop.