5 Ways to Upgrade Your Cabinets Affordably

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Cabinets Affordably

Upgrading your Gilbert cabinets does not have to cost you a large chunk of your savings, as there are many ways to change your cabinets without replacing them out entirely. Below are five of the most affordable ways to upgrade your Gilbert cabinets.

Upgrade the hardware

Getting new hardware for your cabinets can breathe new life into them, especially if your current hardware is older and outdated. Changing the knobs to a shiny silver or bronze color can make a major difference in their look along with any other adjustments that you make to modernize your Gilbert cabinets.

Repaint the cabinets

If your cabinets’ paint has deteriorated over time, repainting them is the easiest way to get them back to looking great again. If you don’t have the experience in painting keep in mind that hiring a professional to paint them is still more affordable than switching out your Gilbert cabinets entirely.

Refinish wood cabinets

The finish on wood Gilbert cabinets can also be worn down over time, and refinishing them is a relatively easy job that many homeowners can do on their own. Refinishing your Gilbert cabinets will make them look great again and you should try to pick a finish that fits well into the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Reface your Gilbert cabinets

If the doors of your cabinets are worn down too much, or you just want a totally new look, you can reface your Gilbert cabinets without having the higher cost of replacing them completely. Refacing your Gilbert cabinets involves changing out the cabinet doors while keeping the frame of the current cabinets. The cost is substantially lower than purchasing entirely new cabinets.

Add more shelving and racks

If your current cabinets lack shelving and have too much wasted space, you can install more shelves on your own at a relatively low cost. This will provide your kitchen with extra useful storage space without having to purchase new cabinets. If you have the room in your lower cabinets you can also consider installing cabinet racks which are very useful for storing and organizing pots and pans.