5 Ways to Upgrade Your Countertops Affordably

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Countertops Affordably

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your countertops, as there are many budget friendly methods of redesigning outdated Gilbert countertops to look modern and new again. Below are five of the least expensive ways to change your Gilbert countertops to a new look.

Create your own countertops

A fair warning upfront that this option is only for the skilled, but you can definitely save money if you know how to make your own countertops using concrete, wood, or another material that can be hand crafted. Labor is a major cost for a new countertop installation, and you can avoid this cost if you have the ability to create your own Gilbert countertops.

Cover your Gilbert countertops

You can cover your Gilbert countertops with a wood or laminate veneer, with metal sheeting, or even with tile. Covering your Gilbert countertops will generally be far less expensive than switching them out entirely, as the job will not be quite as complicated. You still will usually need to hire a professional Gilbert countertops to install the countertop covering, but it will be at a more affordable price.

Paint your Gilbert countertops if you are on a budget

Painting your Gilbert countertops is one of the best ways to change their color and look while staying within a low budget. Painting is not expensive compared to other methods of countertop updating, but there is a bit of skill involved in making the job look good. If you aren’t experienced, it’s better to hire a professional painter. Hiring a painter for your Gilbert countertops will still be far less expensive than replacing them.

Use butcher block countertops

Wood butcher block countertops can be self-installed easier than other types of countertops, and offer homeowners an option to save money. Homeowners with experience in construction will find installing butcher block countertops relatively easy, and the cost is far more affordable than other types of countertop materials.

Refinish your wood countertops

If you have wood countertops that are older, their finish can wear down over time and scratches can build up on them as well. Wood countertops can fairly easily be sanded and refinished to look new again. This is a far more affordable option than replacing them entirely.