Bathroom Countertops – Styles and Trends

Bathroom Countertops – Styles and Trends

There are several modern trends for Phoenix bathroom countertops and bathrooms including an increased demand for eco-friendly materials, nature design themes, and more. Granite remains one of the most popular material choice trends for Phoenix bathroom countertops for 2014, but other materials like quartz have started to become more popular as well.

Granite Phoenix bathroom countertops remain a popular choice

Granite Phoenix bathroom countertops are still popular because of their strong durability, resilience to damage, and luxurious look. Granite is a timeless material and it can substantially improve the value of a bathroom. Natural granite is available in several different colors and textures and it can be selected to perfectly match a particular bathroom design. Phoenix homeowners will definitely not go wrong by choosing this countertop material.

Eco-friendly countertop materials are a trend for 2014

Recycled glass Phoenix bathroom countertops and other eco-friendly choices are starting to become more popular because recycled glass countertops are not as expensive as some other types of materials and they are environmentally friendly. Glass Phoenix bathroom countertops can be customized to a great deal in order to match a particular design. Glass is a durable material and also stain resistant, and it has the advantage of being easy to clean.

Quartz Phoenix bathroom countertops are starting to become a popular alternative to granite

Quartz Phoenix bathroom countertops are becoming a popular alternative to granite and other materials. They are manufactured artificially and so they can be customized to a very large extent, with a wider array of colors and designs. Quartz also has the benefit of being just as durable as granite, however the cost of quartz is still comparable to granite. One disadvantage to quartz is that it is not resistant to heat damage, however when it is used in a bathroom it is less likely to be exposed to heat.

Nature themes are a style trend for 2014

Nature themes will likely be a bathroom style trend for 2014, and natural stone Phoenix bathroom countertops will remain a popular choice since they are made from natural materials. Other natural materials such as wood or even faux-wood will continue to show up in bathroom designs as well.