Bathroom Design, Making Small Spaces Work for You

Bathroom Design, Making Small Spaces Work for You

If you have a small bathroom you know that space is a premium, and if you are shopping for new components of your bathroom like your Phoenix cabinets, sink, and shower/tub, you will want to pick the ones that offer you the most efficiency when it comes to space.

With a small bathroom you should purchase efficient Phoenix cabinets

Smaller and more efficient Phoenix cabinets for your bathroom are a better choice than larger cabinets. A small bathroom should use its space as efficiently as possible, and a smaller sink area will free up more space for a larger shower or tub or more walking area. Purchasing efficient Phoenix cabinets for your bathroom will give you the space that you need in other areas while allow you to have the basics for your bathroom. Many small Phoenix bathrooms have just one cabinet for storage, and it can work quite well especially if the bathroom is used by a small number of people.

Combine your Phoenix cabinets with your wall

Some bathroom designs allow for the Phoenix cabinets to be installed literally inside the wall with sliding doors. This style of Phoenix cabinets saves a huge amount of space and also offers the maximum amount of storage space. Usually these Phoenix cabinets will be quite spacious and allows for the storage of items like toiletries, bathroom appliances, and other items that would take up valuable space in other areas. This style of Phoenix cabinets also allows for a smaller sink area.

Small tubs and wall racks can free up space in a small bathroom

Small tubs are a good choice for small bathrooms because they free up more walking space and are also more efficient with their use of water. Small tubs are usually slightly narrower and they typically have a sliding door or a curtain for a shower as well. The use of wall racks and hangers is very important for a bathroom with limited space. Wall racks can be used to store extra towels instead of storing them in cabinets. Smaller toilets can also free up a bit more space in a tight bathroom.