Bathroom Flooring – What Type of Flooring is For You

Bathroom Flooring – What Type of Flooring is For You

Homeowners have many different choices to pick from for their Phoenix bathroom flooring, and the large number of choices can sometimes make a final decision a bit difficult. At the end of the day, the choice of material, color and design for Phoenix bathroom flooring comes down to the individual homeowner’s preference. There are benefits and disadvantages to every type of Phoenix bathroom flooring, and some of these are explained below for laminate, tile and stone flooring.

Laminate is an inexpensive but lower quality choice for Phoenix bathroom flooring

Laminate Phoenix bathroom flooring is not the same in quality as other materials such as tile, but it is a good choice for a Phoenix homeowner looking to save money. It should also be mentioned that the quality of many different types of laminate Phoenix bathroom flooring options has improved dramatically in recent years. There are now a large number of designs and colors for laminate Phoenix bathroom flooring. It is also easy to clean and resistant to damage.

Tile is a popular flooring choice

Tile is still a common bathroom flooring choice because it is high quality, resistant to water damage and other types of damage, and looks great. Ceramic tile for bathrooms is also designed to reduce the chance of slipping, and it is available in a huge array of colors, sizes and designs. It is a great option for Phoenix bathroom flooring because it can also be customized to a large degree just like laminate flooring, and it continues to remain a popular choice for many Phoenix bathrooms.

Natural stone is becoming a popular choice as well

Natural stone is more expensive than tile or other types of flooring, but it is becoming a popular option for luxury themed bathrooms. Stone is durable and easy to clean but there are some construction requirements for using stone, including a good foundation underneath the bathroom. Also, stone can be more slippery than tile depending on how it is produced, so homes with children may prefer to use tile in their bathrooms. Polished stone also has the benefit of looking great and is a nice selling point if the home is sold in the future.