Kitchen Design, Making Small Spaces Work for You

Kitchen Design, Making Small Spaces Work for You

Designing a small kitchen requires the efficient use of space and Phoenix cabinets and countertops that can function well in spite of a limited amount of space. Having a large kitchen with plenty of space is a luxury that most people don’t have, but a smaller kitchen can be designed to be just as functional as a larger kitchen.

Purchase space saving Phoenix cabinets for your small kitchen

When you purchase your Phoenix cabinets you should be sure that they are designed to accommodate the unique space of your kitchen while also offering you enough storage space. You can install deeper Phoenix cabinets that have as much storage space as possible, or Phoenix cabinets that make the best use of their interior space with racks and organizers. Installing deeper counters will also allow you to have deeper bottom Phoenix cabinets as well.

Use racks to reduce clutter

Wall and pot racks can be used to hang up pots and pans and reduce the amount of clutter in your kitchen. These racks will also free up valuable space in your Phoenix cabinets for other kitchen items. Every small kitchen should have wall racks and pot racks for pots because they make use of extra wall space and they add a unique character to a kitchen.

Purchase compact appliances

There are new compact appliances available for literally every type of kitchen appliance including microwaves, coffee makers, blenders and more. These small appliances can be stored in your Phoenix cabinets and can free up more valuable countertop space in your kitchen. There are even refrigerators that are designed to be compact, but think about whether or not you want to compromise on fridge storage space in your kitchen before buying one.

Keep your countertops clear

With limited space you will want to keep your countertops as clear as possible. Make the best use of your Phoenix cabinets and keep appliances and other kitchen utensils from gathering on the countertops of your small kitchen. Keeping your small kitchen neat and clear of items will give it the appearance of being larger. You can also install large windows with plenty of sunlight to give the kitchen a larger appearance.