Kitchen DIY – From Countertop Stains to Rusted Faucets, Quick Fixes and Tips

Kitchen DIY – From Countertop Stains to Rusted Faucets, Quick Fixes and Tips

You might be surprised about how many small things you can fix and upgrade in your Gilbert kitchen without having to hire a professional. Below are some easy and quick fixes for common Gilbert kitchen problems that any homeowner can do on their own.

Removing stains from countertops

Most homeowners will have to remove a tough stain at one point or another from their Gilbert kitchen countertops. The method of stain removal will depend on the type of material that was used for the countertop. For instance, most stains can be removed from laminate countertops with a simple paste of baking soda and water. Stone and other types of Gilbert kitchen countertops will usually have a sealer on them that makes stain cleanup quite easy using only a towel and sometimes water, but in some cases a resilient stain will need more effort to remove.

Fixing a rusted Gilbert kitchen faucet

Although a rusted Gilbert kitchen faucet is a sign that it may need to be replaced entirely, you might be able to save your current faucet by removing the rust from it, especially if there’s a smaller amount of rust. To restore an old faucet to some of its former glory, you will need to disassemble the pieces of the faucet and clean them with warm water and soap. You should then use a rust remover that can be mixed in a bucket so that the faucet pieces can sit in the remover overnight in a well-ventilated area. You will then need to remove them from the bucket and use metal filler in order to fill pieces of the faucet that have been eaten away by the rust.

Add felt pads to your kitchen chairs to reduce their damage to your floor

If you have hardwood floors and wooden chairs, you can add felt stickers to the chairs to protect your floors from damage. Hammering felt pads to your Gilbert kitchen chairs takes only a few minutes, and felt chair pads can be purchased from most hardware stores. You might also consider purchasing a different type of Gilbert kitchen chair that has pads pre-installed on their feet for your Gilbert kitchen.