Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

If you’re considering a minor or major update to your Gilbert kitchen for the New Year, you will definitely want to stay up to date with the most recent kitchen design trends. There are a number of great modern trends for 2014 that feature unique kitchen updates like black countertops, open shelving and more. The trends that you decide to incorporate into your kitchen should always match what you currently have unless you are looking at a major Gilbert kitchen remodel. Below are some of the top trends that you might consider.


Black and white contrast is a popular choice for a Gilbert kitchen color theme

Black countertops in particular are expected to be a popular choice in 2014, and black granite and quartz are the most common materials used to create black countertops. Black countertops are used in contrast with white Gilbert kitchen elements such as white cabinets, white paint and white shelving. Hardwood floors can round out a white and black contrasted kitchen quite nicely, and this theme is very versatile in the different designs and layouts that it can produce once the foundation has been established.


Open shelving and glass cabinets are expected to be more common for a Gilbert kitchen

Displaying kitchen accessories and dishes is very increasingly common for a modern Gilbert kitchen, and this design trend is expected to continue to be popular throughout the country in 2014. Open shelving allows for kitchen gadgets and décor to be displayed with different color schemes and layouts, and glass front cabinets proudly display the dishes or accessories stored in them. This means that every detail of a Gilbert kitchen is important for a modern design, and presentation of each dish and accessory has to be considered. When it is done properly, open shelving and glass faced cabinets can create some of the most brilliant and attractive Gilbert kitchen designs, which is why the trend will continue for this year.

Talk to a Gilbert kitchen designer if you have questions about how your particular kitchen might be updated with some of these modern themes, and you can also ask for other ideas that might work better for your unique kitchen.

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