Unexpected Gilbert Countertop Trends for 2014

Unexpected Gilbert Countertop Trends for 2014

For 2014 there are a number of surprising trends for Gilbert countertops that have changed a lot of expectations for the trendiness of certain countertop materials. For instance, granite is not as highly sought after as it used to be, and for 2014 there are several material ideas for Gilbert countertops that can work as great alternatives to granite.

Quartz is becoming more of a popular choice for countertops

Quartz is becoming a popular material choice for Gilbert countertops because it is manufactured and has a much wider range of colors and textures than granite and other countertop materials. Finished quartz Gilbert countertops can look just as elegant and luxurious as granite and can be more specifically customized to a particular kitchen’s design. The downside to quartz Gilbert countertops is that they are not quite as durable as granite and also not as resistant to heat damage. However quartz Gilbert countertops are easy to clean and unlike granite they don’t require sealing.

Concrete countertops are making their way into more kitchens

Concrete countertops are also a popular choice for a 2014 kitchen remodel because of their amazing flexibility and wide range of attention grabbing colors and designs. Concrete countertops can literally be customized thousands of different ways because they are 100% manmade. They don’t have the natural appeal of natural stone, but their major benefit is their ability to be completely customized. Concrete Gilbert countertops are often the best choice for a kitchen that needs the countertop design to perfectly match the design and color of the other elements.

Glass Gilbert countertops may be worth considering

Glass countertops have a few downsides including more of a likelihood of cracking or chipping. In spite of these downsides, glass can look great in many types of kitchens. Glass countertops can be customized to a wide degree, and they have the benefit of being very resistant to heat damage. They are also easy to clean and are a more hygienic surface than other materials. Glass is also an affordable choice for Gilbert countertops. When making a final decision on your countertop materials it’s best to get the opinion of an interior designer and consider all of the current elements of your Gilbert kitchen.